"The greatest deed that one can do is to give freely of one's self."
-Rev. Edna Claussen
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The Spiritualist Religion

Today on this site, you will be introduced to the Spiritualist Religion. This will become the most fortunate opportunity you could possibly have, because you will be released from fear. Fear of what? You may ask! Read on and find out.

The Continuity Of Life

When I was first introduced to the Spiritualist Religion, I never conceived that it would be the most marvelous, enlightening experience of my life. In a short essay, I could not possibly open up more than one door. Therefore, I choose the subject of freedom which is Spiritualism’s main thrust, in my humble opinion. We, as Spiritualists, are free of the dread of dying. When we are released from our physical bodies, we are not dead, for we continue on in our spirit bodies. We move on to learn and grow. The continuity of life has been proved many, many times, through messages delivered by our mediums.

Come and join our Spiritual family and your, as I did, will then know why this will become the most memorable opportunity, you could ever have.